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What a great first few days with my students!  The English department gave a presentation on middle school life to familiarize students with campus procedures! Students' main concerns were about the schedule and what classes they have each day.  I assured them that after a week or two, they will have it down.  :)

Here are some pictures of a team building activity we did today.  I gave them two sets of puzzle pieces mixed together  in one envelope  They had to put them together, and each puzzle had to measure exactly 8 by 8. It was challenging, but the kids were tenacious, and some were successful.  They all worked together so well.  You may wonder why I would do something like this in my English class.  I strongly believe that it is important for students to get to know one another and for us to build a strong sense of community.  I have found that this makes my class run more smoothly for the remainder of the year.   They also make new friends!


About Me

Here it is, a few days before school starts, and I already can't sleep.  Even after more than twenty years, I am still so excited to get back to my classroom and meet my students.  I love what I do and consider myself so fortunate to work at such an amazing school.

This summer I spent quite a bit of time working on curriculum for the district.  I also attended a Common Core conference in Palm Springs with most of my department.  I appreciate that our district provides ways for us to continue to grow and improve as educators.  

When I am not teaching, I am usually chauffeuring  my three boys around San Marcos.  Actually, now I am down to two.  My oldest just got his license yesterday!  In my precious minutes of free time, I enjoy baking, working out, watching Netflix, and spending time with my family.