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Using Favorite Authors to Inspire Student Writing

It's rare that I post about something before I've tried it, but I couldn't resist. It's also rare that I can claim an idea as  100% mine, but this is all mine (maybe I should wait until I try it before I claim it as my idea)!   Currently, my students are participating in book clubs.  This provides an excellent opportunity to weave in some fun activities like mentor sentences, punctuation, and narrative writing.  My son, who also happens to be in my class, is currently reading Unstoppable by Tim Green.  He's not a big reader, but he loves this book.  The other night while sitting on the couch reading his book, he starting laughing.  "Mom, listen to this!"  He then  began to read a long, descriptive passage from the book that describes an angry coach.  Green  uses sensory language, vivid verbs, and figurative language to create a vivid portrait of this man. My son stated   that the way Tim Green writes is one of the main reasons he is enjoying the book so m…