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My youngest son leaves for  white water rafting camp tomorrow.  He will be gone for eight days.  In his eleven years, he's never been away from me for that long.  Last night we had a parent meeting at our church telling us all about the trip.  I think they waited until two nights before the trip to give us the details because they were afraid we'd change our minds if they told us ahead of time  First of all, they will be driving for two days to reach their destination which is somewhere near Sacramento.  Once they reach the camp, they will sleep OUTSIDE.  Outside as in ON THE GROUND!  I had no idea. I thought they were going to be in cabins!  I was worried enough about the actual rafting, but now I have to worry about bears.  Oh, and it's supposed to rain while they're there.  What if he gets all cold and wet?  And they're going on a hike.  Are there ticks?  What if he gets Lyme's disease?  Who will make sure he has sunscreen on?  What if he gets a sunburn?  W…