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Making Stations Work

I've posted a few times about my efforts to incorporate stations in my classroom this year. Inspired by Catlin Tucker, author of Blended Learning and one of the amazing educators I follow on Twitter, I want to create more opportunities to interact with my students and provide them with feedback AS they are working.  Overall, it has gone well.  However, one difficulty I have encountered is how to inform students of what they are expected to do at each station.  I thought that posting detailed instructions on my blog would be the best way.  WRONG!  I found that students often struggled to navigate back and forth between the various pages they might be visiting on their Chromebooks.  Also, some stations didn't even require a Chromebook, so it was kind of a pain for them to have to log in and find the instructions.  I thought back to what Alice Keeler, author of Ditch that Homework and Twitter Tweeter extraordinaire once said, "Slapping something online doesn't make it be…