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Book Club

We are ending the year with book clubs!  Students could choose from a list of board approved books or choose their own book with parent permission.  Students are reading everything from Something Wicked this Way Comes by Ray Bradbury to Beta by Rachel Cohn. Students enjoy having the freedom to choose and discuss a book that they chose.  When students meet, they have to complete a job ahead of time.  These jobs include: Discussion Deputy, Lexicon Lieutenant, Internet Investigator, Character Captain, and Style Sergeant.  It's a nice way for students to synthesize all they have learned throughout the year. It's so rewarding to walk around and listen to their sophisticated conversations!


Students would be surprised to know how nervous teachers are about the first day of school.  After over twenty years in education, I still have trouble sleeping the nights leading up to the first day .The first few weeks are a little awkward.  It takes me awhile to learn their names.  It takes me a few weeks to find out who they are as people. 

Now it's May 15th, and every year around this time I start to feel a bit of sadness.  I know most people think teachers are just counting down to the end of the year, but I never do that.  I couldn't tell you how many days are left.  I feel so connected to my students, and it is hard to see them go  They are all individuals with unique personalities.  I can only hope that each student has not only learned from me but has enjoyed my class.  They can't possibly understand the joy that they bring me on a daily basis.  

Last week we had a fire drill.  Here are two quotes from students:

"Am I allowed to take a book to the fire drill?&q…

It's All Coming Together!

I love when things turn out the way I envisioned.  As I stated a few blogs ago, we have been working on preparing for a performance task which includes writing an argumentative essay.  We used the arranged marriage articles as practice.  We wrote sample introductions, body paragraphs, and conclusions together in class.  I taught students how to write a claim, support it with evidence, and how to write a warrant (explain how their evidence supports the claim).  We also learned about how to include counterclaims and limitations.  It was definitely a great deal of information to process.  As always, I was impressed with how well these kids are able to think critically!

This week it was time to see if they could apply what they learned!  Over Spring Break, my dear friend and I collaborated on writing a performance task to go along with The Giver.  We decided to use the topic if video surveillance, thinking it would be an engaging topic for students.    The lesson began with me pre-teachin…