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Planning Ahead

It's summer, and I am enjoying my freedom. However, I have devoted quite a bit of time to planning for next year. I've been creating a brand new website, collaborating with other teachers, helping to develop a new writing prompt for all seventh-grade students,  and contemplating ways to capture the hearts and minds of my students in the upcoming year.

 Of course, I have had time to relax. During the school year I don't have much time to read books of my choosing. I've read several this summer:  Fates and Furies, The Promise,The Wife Between Us, Everybody Always, and even a trashy true crime book!  I also purchased Great Alone by Kristen Hannah, as well as Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng.  I  visited my dad in Joliet, Montana!  What a culture shock!  Population of 497! SO beautiful but overjoyed to step back on to San Diego soil.  

Back to teacher talk!  One of my challenges in the upcoming year will be differentiating instruction for both my honors and college prep…